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System Isolast

System ISOLast

Flexible from head to foot

System ISOLast provides permanent cushioning for grooved rails and flat-bottomed rails and offers efficient protection from shocks and vibrations. System ISOLast is used for street-level tracks and points on tramways and light city rail links. A maximum deflection of 1.5 mm is recommended because of the installation situation.  The system absorbs vibrations from the surrounding layers, allowing for quiet running and therefore a very smooth ride. System ISOLast also provides the level of electric insulation required for conformity with EN 50122-2. This system features two filler profiles which are adhered to the cavities on the rail web. The base of the rail is lined with a cladding profile in order to achieve the required deflection. The tie bars are fitted with insulating profiles in order to allow the required deflection of the track line. The system is easy to install and absorbs the forces without any permanent deformation of the profile. A cast-in-place concrete base is normally required with due regard for the necessary accuracy (± 10 mm). The levelling work is completed with non-shrink cement mortar (ORTEC.Grout).

The concrete is added to the cast-in-place concrete base to about 70 mm below the top edge of the head of the rail. The surface is then finished with mastic asphalt, allowing for a recess clearance in the width of the cavity infill sections. Finally, the recess is poured with a two-component polymer rails grout.



Advantages at a glance:

  • Vertical deflection of up to 1.5 mm
  • Efficient protection from shocks and vibrations
  • Water absorption < 1%
  • Stray current insulation conforming to EN 50122-2
  • Materials resistant to gritting and de-icing salt
  • Simple installation of component parts
  • Option of closed coverage construction
  • All materials 100% recyclable




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