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Cast iron products of all kinds

The basis for any technical progress has always been a wide and diverse range of parts made of cast iron for a wide variety of industries.
We produce cast iron parts to meet your individual needs!
We always guarantee top quality and fast, flexible and reliable delivery.

We offer the full package of services, working to your product specifications and budget requirements in order to optimise the results when it comes to producing the cast iron parts and making them ready for installation.
We offer small, medium and large production runs and the development of prototypes.

There are virtually no limits to what we can produce in terms of patterns, moulds, tools, parts and products typically made in foundries.
The patterns can be made of wood, synthetic wood, epoxy resin, aluminium or a combination of these materials, depending on your requirements and the purposes for which you will use the products.

Cast iron parts:
 0.5 - 40 kg:        automatic production line, frame 600x400x300 mm
40 - 120 kg:        automatic production line, frame 890x690x300 mm
100 - 1200 kg:  semi-automatic production line, frame 2500x1500 mm

Parts made of cast iron with lamellar graphite (grey cast iron) conforming to DIN EN 1561

EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250, EN-GJL-300, EN-GJL-350 + modifications
Parts made of spheroidal graphite cast iron (ductile cast iron) DIN EN 1563
EN-GJS-350, EN-GJS-400, EN-GJS-450, EN-GJS-500, EN-GJS-600 + modifications

Of course we can supply all cast iron parts made to drawings as finished or unfinished parts.



Schienentechnische Systeme

ORTEC – know-how for environmental protection and sustainable working practices!


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ORTEC – know-how for environmental protection and sustainable working practices!

Gesellschaft für schienentechnische Systeme  mbH

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