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System Vibralast

System VIBRALast®

Safely in the channel

System VIBRALast® is specially pre-assembled for direct installation in the road. The system boasts a significant reduction in nuisance vibrations on account of the variable vertical deflection. This system can be fitted with both header rails and grooved rails. We use the same filler profiles as are used to fill the cavities on our System ISOLast which is already proven and tested. The base of the rail is encased by a resilient elastomer profile, duly adjusted to the required deflection (up to 1.5 mm). The system is assembled in a separate channel made from an 8 mm thick steel sheet and poured with a two-component polymer rails grout.  This is sold as a complete self-contained unit and is delivered ready assembled to the construction site.  The rails are normally 15 m long. The steel channel is 13.5 m long, allowing for an overhang at both ends for welding (rail lengths of 18 m are also possible). Once the rails have been welded, these sections are closed with special fitting pieces so that the final rail is continuously supported along its entire length.
System VIBRALast® isolates the shock absorption from the track structure and, due to this special design, it acts as a vibration damper to a great extent. It is extremely durable, easy to install, and is to be seen a viable alternative for the reduction of vibrations and impact in the road surface. This solution is also excellent for level crossings used by trams and private traffic.

 Advantages at a glance:

  • Variable vertical deflection through adjustment of the cladding around the base of the rail, thereby providing protection from vibration and impact
  • Easy to assemble, reducing installation time and cutting installation costs
  • Stray current insulation conforming to EN 50122-2
  • Vertical deflection of up to 1.5 mm
  • High rail stability
  • Factory assembly
  • Materials resistant to gritting and de-icing salt
  • All materials 100% recyclable

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