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POWERFLEX rail grouting compound

Product specification:
POWERFLEX rail grouting compound is a two-component polyurethane-based plastic which is flexible when cured. It is suitable for shimming sleepers and rails in track construction on account of its elasticity and vibration-damping properties. Tests have shown that this material is suitable for use in urban traffic, local public transport and also for tracks subject to high demands, i.e. intercity tracks.

The two-component PU plastic is pourable, flexible when cured, temporarily resistant to diesel, and resistant to frost and de-icing salt. It has long-term resistance to temperatures of -20°C to +70°C.

Advantages over conventional products:

  • Mix ratio   Component A: Component B:   100: 24 with manual application
  • Specific weight  Components A + B   approx. 0.73 g / cm³
  • Working life (100 g at 23°C) approx. 6 minutes with manual application
  • Shore A hardness after 1 ½ hours approx. 32 – after 4 hours approx. 48 – after 1 day at room temperature approx. 69
  • Tensile strength approx. 3.5 N / mm²
  • Elongation at fracture approx. 200%
  • Tear strength according to ISO R 527 3.27 N / mm²


  • Elongation at rupture according to ISO R 527  206%  (elongation at F max.)
  • Tear propagation resistance according to ISO 34-1                9.37 N / mm²
  • Static bedding modulus            0.37 N / mm³
  • Static spring coefficient            66.95 KN / mm
  • Adhesive tensile strength/concrete according to DIN EN 28339      1.39 N / mm²
  • Adhesive tensile strength/concrete according to DIN EN 28339      1.29 N / mm²
  • Rebound resilience     approx. 40%
  • Set to touch after approx. 2 hours with manual application
  • Can be applied while railway operations continue!

Summary of the special properties of POWERFLEX:

• Reduction of structure-borne noise
• Excellent electrical insulation and corrosion protection
• Maximum reduction of airborne noise
• Outstanding capacity for pouring, by hand or machine
• Short working times therefore application possible during operation
• Insensitive to moisture therefore pourable irrespective of the weather
• Deflection setting individually adjustable due to different intermediate layers
• Eco-friendly


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